goto german
photo by Guenter Floeck

line up:


kurt christian - vocals, guitars

günter schablas - guitars
gerhard paar - keys, background vocals
flo verant - bass
gerd sojka - drums, background vocals





Melodic hard rock meets melodic metal

The guys around Kurt Christian put a new lick of paint to proven song structures, conjure them with catchy melodies, sophisticated arrangements and the charismatic voice of their front-man. They remain true to themselves and they are at the pulse of time without pandering to short-lived trends. And above it all: They will rock you hard!



Kurt C., Jacky Greilberger, Gerhard Paar and Gerd Sojka, started 'Badhoven' in 2001. Their debut album 'Behind The Masquerade' was well received not only by the European trade press but also across the Atlantic. Excellent reviews from music journalists were followed by first radio interviews and airplay on various radio stations in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Italy. Also South America enjoyed the melodious songs of Badhoven. Their songs are played on radio stations in Peru, Argentina and Brazil. And also on magazine charts they were placed before well known bands like Skid Row! In their very own way they sent a big 'thank you' to these fans on their second album with the song 'Viva South America'.

In autumn 2004, the year that should bring changes to the band, Badhoven started the recording of their second album 'Believe' already in the knowledge that Jacky would leave the band by the end of the year. One last time the band played in their original line-up at the famous 'Planet Music' in Vienna supporting the Austrian Hard Rock legend 'No Bros'. Fans even came over 800 km from Heidelberg to Vienna to celebrate one of the best concerts ever in the bands history. The extra song of the show was 'The Show Must Go On' from 'Queen'. And the show went on - but without Jacky.

In June 2005 Badhoven brought out their second album named 'Believe'. Again it was published on 'ATS-Records'. And also the music press and the fans found their believe in this new album. At the venue 'Explosiv', in the hometown of Badhoven Graz, they produced an authentic classic hard-rock video of the title track. But still there was missing the new man on the bass guitar for presenting the new album live to their ever-growing audience. It was the guitarist 'Dom E. Nick' who took this part on the bass guitar as a guest musician over the next years. Within two weeks he learned to play bass on Jacky's fretless bass guitar. Then at the CD presentation he convinced not only musically but also with a furious stage show.

With the new bass player the guys made their first DVD production. It was in November 2006 at the Orpheum in Graz when they captured this gig with seven cameras. In March 2007 Badhoven released their first DVD named 'Captured Live'. In the same year Jürgen 'Jorghino' Ehrenmüller became the new real bass guitarist in the band.

In April 2008 Badhoven started a new experience with the Belgian guitar virtuoso Wim Roelants who played together with great musicians and bands like Phil Campbell (Motörhead), Virgil Donati (Steve Vai), Dario Lorina (Warrant), Uriah Heep and Ritchie Kotzen (Mr. Big). He supported the band around Kurt C. as a sideman on the lead guitar. The first official gig in this great line-up took place on April, 16th in 2008. Badhoven supported the 'Graham Bonnet Band' (Rainbow, Alcatrazz, MSG, ...) in Vienna at the Planet Music.
Badhoven recorded four songs in this new line-up and brought them out on iTunes. A couple of great gigs followed but it was in the years 2008 and 2009 when the worldwide crises also made an end to this experience.

When Jürgen Ehrenmüller left the band in 2009 for professional reasons the band found with Erwin Lichtenegger the 'real metal bass man'. With Erwin they started their 'Rock you hard' tour to carry out their 'mission to rock'.

In 2011 Badhoven released the single CD 'I Will Be There' including the same named brand-new video. And in 2013 Badhoven released their third album: 'Obsession' is a fireworks of great hard rock and melodic rock songs.

August 2014: The guitarist Mario Pohn is the new Badhoven member! Mario played in bands like the BON JOVI COVER BAND, SPIRIT LEVEL and BRAINSTORM. The well booked studio guitarist is now completing the work on his first studio album. His melodic masterly way of playing the guitar is enriching the band enormously.

In case of health issues Erwin Lichtenegger had to leave the band in 2015. It was Manfred Binder who joined the band for a short while to be replaced by the young Flo Verant on bass-guitar in June 2016.

It was in March 2020 when due to the Covid-19 pandemic the tour was canceled and Mario Pohn left the band. But already in June 2020 Badhoven could welcome the new six-string-master in the band: Günter Schablas , the new man on the lead-guitar.